In keeping with our mission to see our clients succeed, NVT is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We understand that 24/7 support is especially important to our clients. When companies are faced with a crisis situation, they need a quick and responsible solution. This is especially true of smaller companies who do not have full time IT support

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Which Help Desk Service is right for me?
Per-Minute: Pay-as-you-go service available by purchasing pre-paid blocks of time. Resellers typically use this service for their break-fix (non-managed) clients.
Per-Seat: Flat-rate monthly service that includes unlimited support from the Help Desk. Resellers typically use this service for their managed clients.

May I use both Per-Seat and Per-Minute Help Desk Services?
Yes. Resellers may use both services concurrently; however, each service is billed independently and comes with a dedicated number. Resellers are responsible for directing users to the appropriate line.

How is the Per-Seat Help Desk Service billed?
The Per-Seat Help Desk Service is a monthly service that is billed on the anniversary date from the start of the service. For example, if you start Help Desk Services on the 12th of the month, then your account will be billed on the 12th of every month. Resellers are invoiced for the maximum number of seats used during the billing period with a minimum of 10 seats.

How is the Per-Minute Help Desk Service billed?
The Per-Minute Help Desk Service is a pay-as-you-go service made available by purchasing a block of minutes. Each time a user contacts the Help Desk, the minutes are automatically deducted from the reseller�s account.

Is the Per-Seat Help Desk Service really unlimited?
Yes, the Per-Seat Help Desk Service offers unlimited 24/7 support.

Do I have to include all users in the company?
You do not need to cover all machines at a company with the Per-Seat Help Desk Service. Unsupported customers who call the Help Desk for support will be redirected to the MSP for registration.

Is the Per-Seat Help Desk Service billed per user or per computer?
The Per-Seat Help Desk Service is billed �per seat� or sometimes referred to as �per station�. For companies with multiple shifts (or multiple people using the same computer), this is essentially the same as per-computer; however, we do not include servers.

Is there a setup fee for Help Desk Services?
Yes, there is a one-time setup fee per reseller for all Help Desk Services. Please visit the pricing page for more information.

Where is the Help Desk located?
The Help Desk Services are delivered by our teams located in Los Angeles, California and Victoria, Canada.

How do I get started with Help Desk Services?
Resellers can get started with Help Desk Services by registering for a free New Vision Technologies account. After registration, log in to the secure Reseller Portal and order the Help Desk Services. A New Vision Technologies account manager will contact you shortly to initiate the service.

How long does it take before my clients can call the Help Desk?
Resellers' accounts are typically set up within 5 business days. Most of this time is spent waiting on the telco to provision the telephone number. In some cases the telco responds much faster and when this happens we can set up the account very fast.

How is the identity of callers verified or tracked?
Resellers must log in to the Help Desk Portal to register their managed customers with the Help Desk Service. All callers are verified against the pre-defined list. Resellers may optionally add a password or phrase for each user for additional security.