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Our Network Monitoring capabilities and network monitoring service will give your infrastructure support team in our Network Operations Center valuable insight and visibility into your entire network environment so that can proactively manage and escalate technical issues before they occur and become critical issues.

This powerful yet flexible IT management framework may be configured to provide instant notification of a down server, the exceeding of disk space utilization, security breaches or if an end-user changes their configuration.

These capabilities will provide us with a scalable and effective method to implement and enforce access policies across your entire technical environment-on a global basis if desired.

The definition and enforcement of policies for file access, network access and application blocking can now be centrally managed and controlled.

In addition, we will now be able proactively monitor and manage all of your servers, workstations and remote computers.

We can also monitor Windows Event Logs for specific conditions and codes and further customize these alerts based on each event.

More importantly, we can deploy these capabilities to your small or mid-sized business in only a few minutes. Your support team can access this application from anywhere and it does not require any special hardware or reconfiguration of your existing environment.

Key Capabilities:
  • Complete System / Network and System Monitoring
  • Network Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Windows Event Monitoring
  • Customizable Alerts
  • Remote Task Manager Access
  • Network Watch Discovery
  • File, Application and Network Policy Enforcement and Management
  • Detailed Log and Alert Reporting
  • Quickly Deployment in a Non-Intrusive Manner

Network Monitoring Features
In order to properly manage, maintain and support your environment, your service provider needs visibility and quick access into the activities occurring within your environment and network.

The proactive monitoring of your servers, workstations, remote computers, Windows Event Logs and applications is critical component of industry standard best practices to ensure the security, network performance and the overall technical operations within your company.

Our sophisticated network monitoring software and Infrastructure Management Framework provides proactive, user definable monitoring with instant notification of any problems or changes within your network. In addition, we do not use proprietary technology and our solutions are open source network monitoring tools and applications.

User Defined Monitoring and Instant Alerts
  • Windows Event log monitoring
  • Hardware and software change alerts
  • Specified file change and protection violation alerts
  • Low disk space and utilization notification
  • Computer online/offline status alerting
  • Server crash alerting
  • Network Traffic Monitoring
  • Identify remote user connections
  • Linux Network Monitoring
  • Alert message and recipient configuration

Automated LAN Discovery
  • Automatically discover all devices on your network
  • LAN Monitoring Alerts when new devices are detected or connected
  • Visibility of known and unknown devices

Quick and Easy Deployment and Implementation
  • Operational within minutes
  • No software installation
  • Comprehensive administration of your users and policies

Detailed Reporting
  • User definable
  • Scheduled or ad-hoc
  • Email notification with the ability to export to HTML, Microsoft Word or Excel
  • Definable and Customizable Alerts
  • LAN Watch
  • Detailed Log Reporting and Archiving