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Network Security Services

NEWVTECH Network Security is a time-tested Managed Network Security Services provider (MSSP) who has helped clients secure their networks seamlessly since 2008. We offer the industry's most responsive protection as a result of our patented Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention (IDS/IPS) technologies, database of more than 15,000 active rules, and certified security engineering expertise.

Developed by NEWVTECH engineers, the IDS/IPS solution not only performs deep packet inspection of all packets and their contents--it also identifies and profiles the sender and the sender's patterns, which typical IDS/IPS solutions are unable to do. This unique value-add is vitally important in effectively blocking the determined hacker from attacking your network.

Managed Network Security Service is the ideal solution for organizations who require 100% effective network security, but may lack the 24/7/365 internal resources to provide it, or prefer to use those resources to support other corporate initiatives.

Trusted Managed Network Security Partner
NEWVTECH is a trusted Managed Network Security partner for a wide range of clients. In contrast to the reactive solutions typical today, NEWVTECH'S early warning intrusion detection technology enables our intrusion prevention system to deliver first-strike protection to ensure that no attackers get near your network. The NEWVTECH IDS/IPS includes an extrusion prevention feature to support Data Loss Prevention (DLP), so that confidential company information doesn't leave your network either accidentally or intentionally.

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The Benefits of Managed Network Security
Cybercrime is advancing at a record pace, and today´┐Żs enterprises face targeted, real-time attacks that are increasingly more sophisticated. As a result, IT professionals are highly sensitized to the importance of securing their infrastructure. For most, however, security is not their primary responsibility´┐Żand vigilance is often diluted in the mix of competing priorities. As an expert extension of your IT organization, NEWVTECH has your back 24/7/365 with vigilance that never wavers.

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