In keeping with our mission to see our clients succeed, NVT is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We understand that 24/7 support is especially important to our clients. When companies are faced with a crisis situation, they need a quick and responsible solution. This is especially true of smaller companies who do not have full time IT support

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We strive to provide you with the best possible support in order to resolve any query or concern that you might have through following support options such as basic telephonic support, e-mail support to on-line support through remote maintenance, where we support the client by having remote access to the client's servers.

Remote support
NewVtech provides remote support and troubleshooting services that give you the greatest leverage for your IT budget. Sophisticated remote access tools and experienced technicians and engineers combine to enable NewVtech to resolve most IT problems without wasting time and expense by traveling to your site. We offer a cost-effective remote support to our clients for their critical business applications.

On-site Support
NewVtech offers on-site support solutions such as trouble-shooting, intervention, installation and migration to ensure continued productivity and a solid return on investment. We also provide onsite support to those clients who need constant monitoring and maintenance of the system at their site.

We carefully choose experts who are skilled in client interaction, to provide technical as well as functional support. These work along with the client to provide time and cost effective solutions maximizing the returns of the client's money.

Internet Authentication can verify that only permitted users are accessing the Internet via your network. The service can utilize an internal database of users, integrate with a Windows Domain Controller, or a Radius Authentication Server. After a user is authenticated their access of the Internet can be monitored based upon their user name. This service also allows for authentication of Intranet Servers, further simplifying user management of internal resources.

Identifying and actively blocking attacks and malicious programs in real time is the primary function of the Network Based Intrusion Protection & Detection System. This ICSA Certified service combats some of the most prevalent problems facing business networks today: Peer-to-Peer File Sharing applications, Instant Messaging, Back Door Hacking Tools, and over 1000 other Internet Attacks. When used in conjunction with the Reporting and Alerting Systems, detailed information regarding blocked attacks and alerts can be reviewed on demand.

Remote Access
The need to enable secure, boundary-less information flows across organizations continues to be a major driver to the modern enterprise. Allowing secure remote access to business systems for employees and trusted partners has now become an essential part of conducting business.

Uncontrolled access to your network brings with it numerous risks and can result in loss or corruption of data and business-critical systems, or damage to your reputation amongst your valued customers.

End Point Security
Access to the corporate network has now become possible from a myriad of devices & locations. With the popularity of remote working, endpoints such as laptops, PDA's and Smartphone's are no longer kept within the confines of the network firewalls and can be quickly overwhelmed in the wild. Additionally, thousands of devices are lost or stolen each year.

The growing number and variety of endpoints has made the need for endpoint security vital for today's modern enterprise. Time-consuming incident remediation, loss of user productivity and untold risk to data security can be significantly mitigated with the right approach.

Unified Threat Management
The proliferation of new types of internet-based threats has resulted in a need to deploy a suite of solutions to protect a company or organization's business. This can result in a number of solutions with a diverse array of management interfaces and licensing requirements. Maintaining and supporting numerous platforms can be time consuming and expensive.

Unified Threat Management (UTM) can provide a comprehensive protection strategy for a fraction of the cost and offers a simpler security management approach for network managers.

The firewall your company utilizes should have complete control of how information flows in and out of your network to the Internet. The firewall functions through a strict set of complex rules called security policies that are used to allow or restrict connections to or from your network to the Internet.

Web Filtering
As part of customized Internet Connection Profiles, Content Filtering offers an easily understood approach to organizing the Internet into web page content categories. These categories range from Spyware to Pornography and contain the largest and most accurate content database of the Internet, covering over several billion web pages. In conjunction with Reporting and Alerting detailed listings of websites visited by individual users and workstations are available. This allows your business to monitor your employee internet usage and to determine possible violations of corporate security and content policies. Selected categories can be actively blocked with custom user notification screens and alerts.

E-Mail support
A 24-hrs response to your problem, for our existing clients we provide free email support. The prices depend on the level of service opted for.

Email Content Filtering
Email is a mission-critical business contact tool for many organizations, enabling an effective means of communication between partners, suppliers and customers.

As email traffic leaving and entering the modern enterprise continues to grow, so do the associated threats. Managing this volume effectively and ensuring that the content adheres to corporate policy is key to mitigating risk both in the form of damage to reputation & financial loss.

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) provides secure communications over the Internet for employees, business partners, and clients. This service allows for secure connections to and from remote networks or for remote users and traveling employees. Your network can be configured to utilize IPSEC VPN, SSL VPN, or PPTP VPN. The Reporting and Alerting system can provide detailed connectivity reports regarding these connections.